The pink interior mural

The pink interior mural presents the portraits of Voltaire and his friend, colleague and great love Emilie du Châtelet.

In his left hand, Voltaire holds a book with a bouquet of flowers that explodes outwards to represent the sense of enlightenment in writing and philosophy. In his right hand, he holds a skull that expresses the man of science and the thinker he was. Next to his shoulder is his canary.

Emilie du Châtelet, drawn with hair bristling with flowers and butterflies, holds spacers in her left hand in reference to her work in physics and mathematics. In her other hand, she holds a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton whose original works she translated into French.

Around them, several elements (chandeliers, candelabras, vases and piles of books scattered among feathers and bouquets of flowers) give an idea of the atmosphere that may have reigned at the Château de Ferney at that time.